Superstar Me!

adiads-400x242 spring 2015

adidas superstar shoes, spring 2015

I have been a ballet slipper wearing gal for years but that is about to change.  Sneakers (converse not included) were in my opinion, the accoutrement of athletes (which I am not) and 6 foot tall thin blonde european couples in coordinating beige outfits (of which I am not a part).

I have to admit that I have always considered wearing sneakers in public up there with wearing sweat pants or white socks and sandals.

Has that ever changed! Kanye & Adidas, Rihanna, Isabel Marant…just to name just a few who have changed the fashion game.

One day I woke up and said to myself, I need a long grey coat, wedge high tops and a fabulous small black bag.  Here are my personal inspirations, and the pieces I chose.

1 – Wedge


GOOP showed these Isabel Marant sneakers a while back = fashion heart attack


2015 Isabel Marant collection


Jessica Alba in Isabel Marant sneakers


Jennifer Lopez in wedge high tops = Sports Luxe

2 – Flat


adidas superstar = NYC chic


adidas superstar = feminine & sporty mix

fashion landscape Adidas Super Star II Sneakers Zara blazer + jeans Céline sunglasses

zara boyfriend jeans, blazer & adidas superstars = tomboy chic


superstars for men = hot


The ultra chic Olivia Polermo in adidas Stan Smith sneaker

kate-moss_glamour_7apr15_spl_b_262x393 Stan Smith

Kate Moss in Stan Smiths, Glamour

3 – Chosen

 long grey coat


zara coat

small black messenger bag

zipped messenger zara spring 2015

zara bag



adidas superstars

I love that I get to choose comfort and style, and not one over the other. I love the look and feel of throwing a big coat over a tomboy ensemble.  It’s a chic thrown together look that still looks put together.  I say the chic sneak is required comfort for our busy lives.



street stle spring 2015 pinterest denim on denim

street style london spring 2015 pinterest


P.S. Laces…double tie/tuck them in. Am I right?

8 thoughts on “Superstar Me!

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  2. I’m a little late for last spring 😳 but I must share nonetheless…

    I used to be so envious of my older sister’s Stan Smith’s. She was so cool for having them, and I so wanted to be cool!

    LOVE the Tomboy Chic!!

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