Shop: Unicorn for unique pieces and cool décor.

window unicorn cscI first discovered the boutique Unicorn across the street from my hairdresser.  Now I go in after every appointment because they always have original pieces, interesting jewelry, and I love the cool black & white decor.  This summer I found an amazing black dress that got me out of a last minute shopping “emergency”.

Recently I bought some earrings from this Montreal designer Sandrine Devost. The retro movie star pictures and jewelry style got my attention.  Her unique designs are also available here on Etsy.


These cozy sweaters, funky blazers, and pants are gorgeous.

racks sweater unicorn csc

Can I have this chair please?

photo chair
I’ll take the lighting as well…

racks unicorn csclights unicorn csc
Here are some pieces I think are pretty fab.


shoes by chinese laundry, 72$


Blue dress by Sergio, 218$

Melissa-Nepton (78 of 1) final

Sweater by Melissa Nepton

Boutique Unicorn
5135 Saint-Laurent
Montréal, Qc
H2T 1R9


Store pics are mine, and product images are taken from their blog here.

Happy shopping friends!


the cozy sweater café

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