Quick Round-Up: 2 movies, 2 television series, and 2 restaurants I am loving right now!

Movies !

La Grande Bellezza

Why should you watch this?

This film is visually stunning, filled with fantastic symbolism, and is deeply moving. It gets you thinking profoundly about life, and the definitions of love and art in the modern world. If you are looking for an ambitious cinematic masterpiece, then this is for you.


A wealthy journalist enjoys a privileged hedonistic lifestyle in his stunning apartment next to the Coliseum in Rome. He parties, he chats late into the night with his rich friends, interviews artists, dates beautiful women, and all the while reflects on his past 65 years. This is one of the best movies I have enjoyed in the last ten years. Italian cinema…aaahh…delicious.

Here is the trailer:

About Time

Why should you watch this movie?

These guys know how to make a romantic comedy about more than just romance.  This one reminds you that there are two ways to approach life, and makes it pretty clear which is the optimal choice.  The actors are amazing together and I love so many lovely set details in this movie and all of the characters.  It is positively joyful to watch.


A man is told by his father that he can time travel.  He experiments with his newfound skill to comedic effect and ultimately uses it to not only improve his love life, but to better enjoy his life as a whole.  I wish I could travel back in time to see this movie again for the first time.

Here is the trailer:

Television series !

Happy Endings

What? Friends meets New Girl, set in Chicago

(Sadly Only 3 seasons are available)

Why should you watch this?

Because you had a tough day and you want to turn off the ol’ noggin and just laugh. (Plus you are already up to date on House of Cards.)

What is it about?

Six thirty-something friends date, get together for drinks, goof around and discuss life.  Two are married, four are single, one is gay, one owns a food truck called “Steak me home tonight” (Ha!), one owns a clothing store, and the other is hopelessly single.  All of them are hilarious with an honorable shout out to Eliza Coupe (as Jane) and Damon Wayans Jr. (as Brad) who are brilliant together.  Adam Pally (as Max) kills me as he breaks the homosexual male stereotype episode after episode. These six actors will do anything for a laugh and I respect them all immensely.


What? A sexy bromance set in a top NYC law firm with amazing female leads

(Season 4 is currently airing)

Why should you watch this?

You want to unwind with a glass of wine and be entertained by people who will do anything to succeed.  Their condos are gorgeous, the fashion is stunning, and all the characters are smartly written.


What is it about?

Ambition above all, romance, and playing with the intricacies of the law. It is fascinating to watch how far the characters will go, or pull back, depending on their desired outcome. Even when their personal relationships are challenged, they all play to win.

While we are on the topic of television series set in law firms, I also recommend Damages starring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne.  Glenn Close is brilliant, but we knew that.

Montreal Restaurants !

-Hotel Herman-

Fresh ingredients, playful original menu, hipster vibe, gorgeous interior, and amazing service. The ingredients are so fresh that I saw a chef run outside, cut some herbs from the garden, run back inside, and then sprinkle them onto a dish.

Here is the link to get more info: Hotel Herman website

(my picture)

-Le Richmond-

Grand interior à la Soho Mondrian Hotel restaurant Isola in New York, decorated with Restoration Hardware lighting, delicious food with a variety of original choices, and large-scale stunning edgy artwork. Even the bathroom is memorable. You’ll see. Their brunch is apparently amazing, complete with a DJ.

Here is the link to get more info: Le Richmond website

P.S. I am looking forward to some new Jason Bateman movies coming up..he makes me giddy.  I would recommend reading The Family Fang if you haven’t yet.  A family of performance artists will do anything for their art, maybe even going too far.  Jason plays the dad which is simply brilliant casting.

Talk soon,


the cozy sweater café

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