Cele-braid-tion !

Braids have always been beautiful and feminine. I remember being mesmerised as my bestfriend in elementary school would braid her waist-length hair. Her nimble fingers moved so quickly!  It was summer and we were looking for ways to cool down and get our hair out of the way. She taught me how to braid my hair and then once equiped after practising all day, I would braid my sister’s hair.  She recently asked me to teach her how to make a french braid and a fishtail braid so she can get more eleborate with her daughter’s hair.

Here is a little trip down memory lane exploring the popularity of the braid, and some summer inspiration for you.

It’s 2009. Jennifer Anniston wears a braid with beach hair to the Oscars, and braids became a hot trend.

In 2011, on television’s Games of Thrones the characters are decorated with the most beautiful and intricate braids.


For some characters, their braids get more complicated as their life does.

Here are some of my favorite fishtail braids.

This is a great tutorial on how to make a fishtail.

Here is how Claire Danes’ hairdresser styled her fishtail for the 2014 Emmy’s.

It was while watching the television series Mr. Selfridge and seeing recent runway shots that I realized braids are still everywhere.

Front french braid on the character Kitty, Mr. Selfridge.

I am still mesmerized by the creativity of the professionals and non-professionals alike.

Braids are versatile and perfect for summer…

They can be punk.




Backstage this week at Michael Kors:


Simply lovely for long hair…

or shorter hair…

No matter what type you chose, for you, your daughters or your neices, happy summer hair styling friends!

100 ways to wear a braid.


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