Bright Sights ! Pink City !

* Warning: This blog post may cause a desire to shop or create a sense of whimsy and/or dizziness. CSC cannot be held responisble for what you do with your (imaginary) credit card after reading this. Please be seated. *

With summer vacation planning comes great shopping necessity so I have started some personal inspirational research I thought would be fun to share!

Fortune favors the bold so I plan to go with some florescents and brights after this long grey winter.

Here are some of my personal favorites for my suitcase, or my home.


emerald green, seaglass & dark peony

turqoise & tangerine

hot pinks


exotic bright pattern

bright lips

lush reds


soft pinks



bright tunics & beach hair

What colours are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

Happy shopping, travelling and dreaming friends.



3 thoughts on “Bright Sights ! Pink City !

  1. Fun!! Turquoise, pinks and teals… oh my! 🙂
    CSC, any idea where to find that L-O-V-E light/wall fixture seen in the 2nd pic?

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