Everything’s gonna be all white !

Amidst a jungle of color and pastels while shopping this weekend, I quickly scanned the store feeling overwhelmed by all of the selection. Almost giving up, I grabbed 3 white blouses and didn’t even try them on. I went rogue. I thought to myself, one of these will work and hopefully add new life to my closet. Little did I know what would happen.  All 3 work.  All 3 are easy to wear.  All 3 have livened up my work outfits. I thought to myself, wait a minute White, how did I never realize how much I love you? Aren’t I supposed to prefer color? Aren’t I supposed to embrace all of these new trends? How did I not realize that you have been here all along? Now I see you everywhere! You provide the best backdrop to make colors pop in home décor and in fashion. You can take centre stage or play the newspaper delivery boy. You do it so well. You are crisp when I need you to be. You are chic, energizing and casual too. White – you are very versatile.

Well, this is your day White.  All eyes are on you!

white makes hair color pop

white is chic

red lips stand out

white says warm weather is near

white can be sexy

white can be casual & cozy

white flowers say spring is here

At home, white makes colors sing

and provides calm elegance

it invites rest

and me space

white is simplicity



and is really the best classic

Do you have a white love affair going on?

My blouses were all found here.

For a breakdown of the best white v-neck t-shirts, read here.



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