Real Luxury !

A glass of wine (or bottle with friends, let’s be honest)
A new bag
A decadent pasta

All lovely…but to me, treating yourself well because you know you deserve it, is Real Luxury.

Several days a week we skip the wine (unless we are celebrating, O I don’t know, a certain once terrified driver getting her license…) we have hot water with ginger, lemon and honey. It relaxes me completely and I wake up feeling refreshed after a really deep sleep. I cannot tell you how great I feel in the morning!

Here are the benefits you get to enjoy:


  • improves  the absorption of essential nutrients in the body
  • clears the “microcirculatory channels” of the body, including sinuses that can flare up
  • helps get rid of throat and nose congestion
  • has aphrodisiac properties !
  • read more here


  • helps treat acne
  • promotes weight loss
  • has natural healing power
  • antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • read more here (you may have to scroll down a bit on this site)


  • prevents fatigue during exercise (ahem…note aphrodisiac properties of ginger)
  • is an antioxidant and antibacterial
  • has anticancer properties
  • for more ways to use honey read here

For some great in-depth and well-researched books that you will want on your cookbook shelf for a long time I recommend “It’s All Good”, by Gwyneth Paltrow and  “The Body Book”, by Cameron Diaz. The pictures in “It’s All Good” are so beautiful and the recipes are so fresh and tasty looking, you will definitely be inspired!  “The Body Book” is so upbeat and energizing that you will enjoy learning and being reminded why eating well and getting off your butt is essential.

Treat yourself well.
You deserve it.


6 thoughts on “Real Luxury !

  1. I usually only have ginger lemon honey when I’m sick but you’ve inspired me! It is delish. But it’s no replacement for a glass of wine!

  2. I am trying it tonight and will let you know – this is really a nice read Aliq – I am now looking foward to getting your e-mail to push me to go and check it out! Keep them coming, excellent work! Jules

  3. I need to drink this right now! I have a bad cold. It looks so good! Being your first (other than Ollie) passenger was amazing! I think you need to teach Dave to drive!

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