Weekend Wonder to Wonderful Women

Invigorated after a sunny weekend, I have alot to share with you today!  I went skiing, I spoiled myself with a mani/pedi (here – newbies get 15% off) and I discovered a new, very decadent Italian restaurant with great foodie friends.

Le Serpent Restaurant, 257 Prince Street in Montreal

In what seems like an abandoned warehouse called Le Serpent, resides a fabulous restaurant of that same name. Entering this building is like being invited to a secret club. The mysterious black entrance sets the stage for sensual discoveries. Once inside, as you are lead to your table, your eyes are treated to a visual feast of gorgeously curated industrial design. It is sparcely adorned with only the coolest art, the most stylish furniture, and the best statement lighting (by Axel Cohen).

Pierre Dorion

Painting by Pierre Dorion

Once we took in our surroundings and were able to focus on the menu (after a half hour of ooing, ahhing and catch-up), we began the tasting portion of the evening.  We began with the focaccia (proceeds go to the gallery next door) and it is very tasty. The Caesar salad is made with a soft boiled egg at exactly 6o degrees. The cool crunchy lettuce mixed with the warm egg yolk and fresh salty fish create a symphony of the sublime.

Caesar salad

Caesar salad

For the main course I ordered our waiter Samuel’s favorite menu item, the Linguini, speck, almonds, cauliflower, and truffle brunoise. By mistake he brought the wrong dish, but then quickly corrected his error, so we were able to enjoy another delicious item on the menu at no extra charge.

The wine I chose, also recommended by our savvy waiter, was the Mate Merlot, Mantus 2010 Cuvée, from Saint-Antimo Tuscany (privately-imported by Mont Cavist) that was great on it’s own, and really came alive with the pasta and garlic…so delicious…and the desserts?! O my!



Between the savory food and great ambiance, I was pretty jazzed. O – and can we please discuss these gorgeous chairs with the soft leather pillows. Luxy!



Le Serpent is exceptional. Enjoy, and please let me know about your experience.

A little make-up chat…

A friend requested that I discuss concealer. I am no expert but I do love what I call the “magic wand” by Lancôme (thanks M!) and this one by NARS. I always ask for help when selecting a color to ensure it matches my skin tone and when applying I blend it in really well with my fingers. What is your favorite?

Here is a great make-up tutorial from the lovely British Writer/Model/Mom Sophie Dahl on her blog At The Kitchen Table.

Ode to my favorite tea cup…

In these wintery times when the snow won’t stop falling…you keep me cozy, you are something pretty in a world of grey and white.

You make my home feel extra special.

With these candles afire,

as the beautiful scents fill my home…I almost like Winter.


Random last thoughts I need to share…

Enjoy a quick visit with Sarah-Jessica Parker at home here.

I love this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJTXDCh2YiA by Birdy. It makes for great roadtrip music!

And finally, International Women’s Day just passed so to honor women around the world, I want to share this interview with Zainab Salbi a wonderful woman that I hope inspires you. I love her thoughts on taking care of yourself and achieving personal success.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Wonder to Wonderful Women

  1. Love the interview with SJP… an interesting format for LNC, perhaps? 😉
    Silly how it made me proud when she said Greece – twice! And literally laughed out loud at her reaction to the question, Heels or flats?

    As for concealer, mine is a little hard to get… It’s actually a corrective foundation from La Roche-Posay which is unfortunately no longer available here. Last tube was picked up for me by a friend in Sweden! Funny considering how basic I an with everything, but my Mediterranean dark circles are very tough to conceal, so I must go to great lengths… distances. 🙂

    Keep up the great blogging! xox

  2. I really enjoy your writing and attention to details. Thank you for sharing the interview with Zainab Salbi and SJP. Two unique perspectives yet both are women that exemplify how to be a positive influence and role model!

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