Winter Treats: From Blah to Spa to Aaaaah !

Could someone please escort Old Man Winter out the door?  I have had enough of the freezing cold, the filthy boots, and the serpentine scarf that strangles me every time I  leave the house.

As I daydream of freshly painted toenails, flowers picked from my garden, and BBQ dinners filled with chilled wine and friends…Winter is still upon us. So, I propose we take a deep breath, and try to savour what is left of it.

Here are 3 things that I still love about winter:

No. 1 – Luxurious bubble baths

This bubble bath by Rue de Marli is scented with french perfume.  It smells soooo delicious! It is made from plant based organic oils and is paraban and sulfate free. How great is that! It leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth for days. I discovered it at Lux, and that is exactly what it feels like surrounded by those fancy bubbles.  Nothing upsets me more than bubble bath that doesn’t bubble, and this one delivers! For free next day delivery you can order it from etiket! Also, now sold at Zone!

The scent of this soy candle from Les Bains, also found at Lux, relaxes me instantly. I keep it by my bathroom sink so I smell it everyday. You can order it on-line (10$ shipping & handling) at pure living.

Rue De Marli  Foaming Bath, No. 27 & Les Bains soy candle Goat Milk & Almond

Rue De Marli
Foaming Bath, No. 27
Les Bains soy candle
Goat Milk & Almond

This mud mask from Sabon leaves my face feeling so soft, you have to try it! I like to listen to jazz while sipping this peppermint tea.  Heaven!

Sabon Mud Mask (For all skin types)

Sabon Mud Mask
(For all skin types)

No. 2 – Aaaaah…the Oscars! When everyday conversation is focused on two of my favourite topics:  Movies and Fashion.

I would wrap up Oscar Night 2014 like this:

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

‘Nuff Said.

Well actually….Pink‘s performance absolutely blew me away.

Camila Alves wowed me…


and Charlize didn’t hurt my eyes either. That necklace!

Charlize Theron

No. 3 – Being well surrounded by great friends, family and delicious comfort food sure makes this girl feel pretty lucky, even when her extremities are frozen. If your night can include melted cheese and wine by a fire…I’d say you have pretty much won the lottery.

…and I love that this has hit newsstands!

Spring 2014

Spring 2014

What do you still love about winter?



7 thoughts on “Winter Treats: From Blah to Spa to Aaaaah !

  1. domino is back? I took the kids to benny pool and even though it was filled with a hundred screaming kids due to march break, I closed my eyes and let the balmy warm chlorine air soothe my winter mind….at least until i got splashed…lol

  2. It is so true that we have to find reasons to still love winter so that we can get through this particularly cold and long season this year! Other reasons that help me accept reality a little easier is having a fire in the chimney, wearing a warm, soft sweaeter and socks, with a warm hot chocolate bowl (not cup!) in my hands. A must is good music in the background! Cooking also has seasonality so that is certainly a way for me to try and enjoy the current season by making recipies that are healthy and comforting at the same time using ingredients that are in season…but boy do I dream of changing things up when Spring comes!

  3. I know my pick might get some groans because everyone has had it with the snow, but I still like it when the sun hits the clean white snow along the side of the lake. You can still walk across the ice and it is so beautiful when there isn’t too much wind. I love the fact that you always find a positive spin on everything, even the end of a long, cold winter. Nice job!

    • No groan here Lissa. I agree that snow in the sun is beautiful! I like that there is no weeding to do in Winter and that my backyard is pristine white with little paw prints in various directions…it’s pretty beautiful.

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