Not enough said about “Enough Said”.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini star in this fabulously refreshing film!

I am not sure why during this award season nobody is talking about this movie! Especially when it contains such beautiful and honest performances by the force that is (and golden globe nominated for this role) Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the brilliant, sadly late, James Gandolfini who make such fabulously refreshing partners.

The plot is simple enough and goes like this: Eva starts dating Albert at the same time that she unknowingly befriends his ex-wife Marianne who has a lot to say about him and none of it is shall we say…very encouraging. The insults lead an already vulnerable Eva to lose her confidence in their budding relationship at a time when she is facing the empty nest syndrome, alone.

What makes this movie so special is the cast of characters lead humbly by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini. Like two musicians who know the music so well, they just toss away the sheet music and revel in the truth of some of life’s most awkward moments like the first date, sex that isn’t always sexy, navigating a new relationship, and that horrible moment when you realize your own mistake has lead to your heart getting broken, again.

The fantastic cast of characters include some of my female favorites like the never-afraid-to-be-scary-and-honest actresses Toni Collette, the edgy Catherine Keener, and the refreshing Michaela Watkins. The lighting and sets are California-stunning. Notably the open concept airy colorful home of Catherine Keener’s character Marianne, beautifully juxtaposed with her horrendous negative attitude.

This casual, cozy, honest, tender and uplifting movie will cheer you up, make you laugh, and remind you to have the courage to trust your heart even when people around you are telling you the opposite.

I hope you enjoy it!  Share your thoughts!



“Enough Said” movie trailer

14 thoughts on “Not enough said about “Enough Said”.

  1. I also really enjoyed this movie, but I do not think it will be memorable… other than potentially the performances… which made the movie. ( it reminds me of ‘the other Woman’ with Natalie Portman which was more memorable to me… because of the perspective of the “dark side’ – check it out if you have not already).

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